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5 signs that mean your aircon system needs immediate attention or upgrading |

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5 signs that mean your aircon system needs immediate attention or upgrading
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5 signs that mean your aircon system needs immediate attention or upgrading
Given its importance, air conditioners can develop problems over time. Some of these issues can be subtle, while others are unmistakable indicators that your AC needs immediate attention or even an upgrade.
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MANILA, Philippines — Even during the chilly holiday season, it's not uncommon in the Philippines to experience unexpected bouts of heat, making our air conditioning systems just as essential as they are in the peak of summer.

Given its importance, air conditioners can develop problems over time. Some of these issues can be subtle, while others are unmistakable indicators that your AC needs immediate attention or even an upgrade.

How can you tell if your air conditioning system has been trying to get your attention, signaling that it's time for maintenance or an upgrade? Here are five signs to watch out for.

1. Strange noises

Unusual or loud sounds coming from your air conditioning system, like clanking, rattling, hissing or banging, are clear indicators of a problem. 

These noises can result from loose or damaged components, a failing compressor or debris inside the system. Ignoring these sounds can lead to more significant issues and should prompt immediate attention.

2. Excessive cooling time

If your AC takes longer than usual to cool your space or fails to achieve the desired temperature, it's a red flag. This issue could stem from a clogged air filter, refrigerant leaks or a worn-out compressor. 

What’s worse, such prolonged cooling times not only lead to discomfort but can also increase energy consumption and utility bills.

3. Inefficient cooling = higher bills

When your AC works harder to maintain your desired temperature, it not only compromises your comfort but also significantly increases your energy expenses. This can result from an undersized system, poor insulation or a failing compressor. 

So always make sure to check your monthly electricity bills and compare energy consumption as upgrading to a more energy-efficient unit can alleviate these problems and help you save on long-term operating costs.

4. Unpleasant odors

Foul or unusual odors emanating from your AC vents can signal that your system needs attention. 

Musty or moldy smells could indicate mold or mildew growth within the unit, while burning odors might suggest electrical issues.

Addressing these odors promptly is essential for maintaining good indoor air quality and preventing further damage to your AC system and even to your health. 

5. Repairs cost as much as a new unit 

It’s not about “girl math,” it’s just about being smart and practical.

For budget-conscious individuals, it's common practice to assess whether a repair is more cost-effective than opting for a replacement. However, when you find yourself scheduling repair after repair for your AC system, and the repair bills start rivaling the price of a new unit, it's a clear signal that it's time to consider an upgrade. 

Older AC units tend to demand pricier components and labor for repairs, which can quickly add up. Evaluating the overall cost of repairs against the benefits of investing in a newer, more energy-efficient system is crucial.

What to consider when upgrading

When it comes to upgrading your air conditioning system, several crucial factors deserve careful consideration. 

In the Philippines where sweltering temperatures are a common challenge, finding a cooling solution that not only provides comfort but also addresses rising electricity bills and the expenses of maintenance and repairs is essential.

Here’s where the Carrier Aura Inverter, Carrier's most efficient split-type inverter air conditioner, enters the picture. This cutting-edge system is designed to offer the highest energy savings, making it a smart choice for Filipino families looking to enhance their home comfort while keeping their budget in check. 

Here are compelling reasons why Carrier Aura Inverter is all about efficiency and why it is the upgrade you need for your ultimate comfort. 

First, lowest wattage. The Carrier Aura Inverter boasts low wattage consumption at just 560W for a 1.0HP unit, unlike other any other type of split-type AC which usually ranges from 670W to 700W. This translates to substantial energy savings.

It is also energy efficient, with an energy consumption rate of only P1.13 per hour (based on testing), which assures you that it’s a cost-effective cooling solution that won't burden your budget.

Moreover, the Carrier Aura Inverter has a number of intelligent, user-centric features that even makes the device more efficient. 

For instance, it has a game-changing intelligent eye sensor that allows the device to conserve energy when no human presence is detected

Other intelligent features include the Breeze Away Technology that enhances your comfort by redirecting airflow intelligently; the Customizable Fan Speed that adjusts the fan speed from 1% to 100%; the "Follow Me" Convenience feature that enables the unit to reach the desired set temperature where the remote control is located; and a vertical and horizontal 4-Way Airflow Control for even distribution of cool air throughout the room.

Moreover, Carrier embraces being a dependable brand for your AC needs by offering exceptional after-sales service with experts accessible through hotline number 2277437 and online channels—ensuring that your AC upgrade is as worth it as possible.

This holiday season, make your home ready to host and ensure your AC is in top, most efficient condition. 

Elevate your home cooling experience with the Carrier Aura Inverter, your dependable inverter in beating the heat while safeguarding your savings and preserving invaluable family moments.


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Editor's Note: This #BrandSpace story is created with Carrier. It is produced by the Advertising Content Team that is independent from our Editorial Newsroom.



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